• Matthew Middleton

Biggest roofing contractor mistakes

It has often been said, "The devil is in the details." Below are some of the most common mistakes that roofing contractors make when a reroofing project is done...

#1 They reuse old flashing or just install the flashing incorrectly

What the homeowner is thinking: "My roof looks so beautiful"

What the shady roofer is thinking: "They won't even notice..."

#2 They don't properly flashing sidewalls

The picture below looks correct...but it is not. Your brick sidewall flashing needs to be installed by course and tucked into each course of brick for proper waterproofing and weather resistance

#3 They cut corners on the minor details

Almost everything in construction has a corner to cut, but the worst roofers will cut all or most of them. See some attached photos for examples:

Results of poor flashing and flashing not correctly replaced when the roof was replaced last

DIY project gone wrong. Trying to attach a piece of metal to divert water from the J-channel on the siding.

"It has step flashing" the roofer says. Truth is, this roof application of flashing is a ticking time bomb. The correct was is for the flashing to be properly nailed by course underneath the shingles. This guy was probably a handyman or the "cheaper" option... Don't fall for the same mistakes this homeowner did. These types of issues cost way more long term than doing it right the first time.

Now that you have seen what goes wrong with roof replacements, specifically with flashing, stay tuned for how to do it right. Will be posting soon!

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