Extra Mile Construction

Referral Rewards Program

Refer someone and get a cash reward or invoice credit (details below)

3 Quick Steps to Referrals

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Submit a Referral Online

Go to our referral form and submit your referral prior to the referral having any contact with Extra Mile Construction

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We Reach Out to Them

An Extra Mile Construction representative will contact your referral and make arrangements to inspect their property and roof. They are under no obligation and the inspection is free.

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Receive Your Reward

Once their project is completed by Extra Mile Construction and they have paid in full, then you will receive your Reward!

Referral Program Rules & Qualifications

  • A referral is a homeowner who contracts with Extra Mile Construction for a new or replacement roof of at least 1,500 square feet. Insurance claims are welcome. Or a minimum project size of $5,000 for other work.

  • A referral becomes qualified once their project is completed and they have paid in full.

  • You may not refer your own primary residence into the program. If we have replaced your primary residence roof, you may refer a second home, rental property, etc.

  • Referrals may not also be participating in our Non-Profit 501(c)3 Referral Program.

  • Referrals who become qualified are paid a referral fee in the form of a check, cash, or gift card between $50 and $500. The larger projects are generally paid higher and management's discretion.

  • Referrals must be made through the Submit Referral Form prior to the referred homeowner having had any initial contact with Extra Mile Construction. Occasionally, even if they have made contact, we may give referral credit, but we do not guarantee or promise this.

  • All referral rewards are paid out during normal business hours according to payroll standards. Special requests for early payment will not be accepted.

  • A referral reward may be used against an outstanding invoice for a project with Extra Mile Construction provided it is not an insurance claim. In this case, we would only pay out as normal.

  • If a referral is submitted which is a duplicate, then it is credited on a first come first complete basis. If you completed it first, then you are given credit. The second person would receive no credit.

  • The referrer is solely responsible for submitting their referrals into the Referral Rewards Program. Extra Mile Construction are not responsible for entering in this information into the program for the referrer.

We love referrals, submit one now!